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Media Monitoring

Xtreme Media monitors over 60 channels in all different languages broadcast across the North America, Europe, Mena & Australia. The monitoring is done using state of the art equipment that allows us to record, retrieve, translate the data in different reports. All the data is uploaded in the monitoring system. This enables the client to log in, access into the data center and fetch their interest of reports at any time and from anywhere.

In today’s competitive market place, marketers need to serve consumers with the right message, at the right time, on the right medium in order to see engagements. Media planning is where marketers determine what these “rights” are.

Spot Tracking

Detailed Spot Transmission Report for each medium to provide transparency for Advertisers.

  • Verify Spots Aired
  • Track Timing
  • Identify Faulty Airing

Top Advertiser

  • Top 25 Brands
  • Top Advertising Company
  • Top 10 Categories
  • Channel Comparison
  • Top 25 Advertisers
  • Top 50 Advertising Ranking
  • Statistics Full Pack

Media Statistics

Reports based on competition include Market Share of Competing Brands and Competition tracking i.e. what sort of advertising trends and patterns they follow.

To meet your customized requirements, we prepare different types of Analysis on Advertisements spent, spread and patterns. Our database technology enables us to prepare these useful analysis reports according to clients required date ranges, channels preference, brands, and product categories. The computerized Technology enables us to offer a faster turnaround time to provide results.

We have a variety of different customized reports which are helpful for analysis of media monitoring

Air Time & Other Checks

  • Identify Prospective Clients
  • Industry's Major Advertisers
  • Brand Advertisers Analysis
  • Time Slot Analysis
  • Reports related to direct air time sales
  • What are peaks and cups for channels
  • Identify seasons and events based on historic airings

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