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Media Monitoring

Xtreme Media's extensive monitoring services cover a spectrum of over 60 channels broadcasting in diverse languages across North America, Europe, Mena, and Australia. We employ cutting-edge equipment to conduct monitoring, enabling us to record, retrieve, and translate data into comprehensive reports. This data is seamlessly integrated into our monitoring system, granting clients the convenience of logging in and accessing our data centre. This allows them to retrieve their desired reports anytime and from anywhere.

In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, delivering the right message to consumers at the right moment and through the right medium is paramount for driving engagement. Media planning is the strategic compass that guides marketers in determining these crucial factors for success.

Spot Tracking

Comprehensive Medium-Specific Spot Transmission Reports for Enhanced Transparency with Advertisers:

  • Spot Verification:

    Ensuring the verification of spots that have been aired.

  • Timing Tracking:

    Monitoring and tracking the precise timing of spot broadcasts.

  • Identifying Faults:

    Identifying and flagging any faulty or incorrect airings for immediate attention and resolution.

These detailed reports are designed to provide advertisers with an in-depth view of their advertising campaigns, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the broadcast process.

Top Advertiser

  • Top 25 Brands
  • Foremost Advertising Company
  • Top 10 Categories
  • Channel Performance Analysis
  • Premier 25 Advertisers
  • Top 50 Advertising Ranking
  • Pack of Comprehensive Statistical Insights

Media Statistics

Our competitive analysis reports encompass Market Share Analysis of rival brands and diligent tracking of their advertising trends and patterns.

For tailored insights, we offer a diverse range of Advertisement Spending, Distribution, and Pattern Analysis reports. Leveraging our advanced database technology, we can create these informative reports based on your specified date ranges, channel preferences, brands, and product categories. Our computerized technology ensures rapid turnaround times, delivering results promptly.

We provide an array of customized reports that prove invaluable for in-depth media monitoring analysis.

Air Time & Other Checks

  • Prospective Client Identification
  • Analysis of Key Industry Advertisers
  • Brands Advertising Analysis
  • Analysis of Time Slot Preferences
  • Reports on Direct Airtime Sales
  • Channel Peaks and Troughs Insights
  • Identification of Seasonal Trends and Event-Based Airings from Historical Data

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