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Xtreme Media is a full service multicultural advertising & monitoring agency. Our mission is to go beyond the expected and deliver more than our clients desire. Our teamwork, creativity and expertise combined with a focused planning are traits. We believe building long-term relationships rather than doing single, quick-turnaround projects. That’s how we are growing and plan to grow.

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Our Promise

We promise to connect you with your customers by understanding your vision, and giving you a time & space in the medium of your choice.







We live in many locations and interact with many
cultures each day.

South Asains

What we believe is what we do

BTL Activation New Jersey & Chantilly, USA 5th & 6th October, 2019

Brand awareness and usage through product tasting at the selected events.
Introduce & encourage potential customers to purchase Shan products by sampling and free giveaway.
Compete with other brands, especially Indian origin.
Emphasis on conveyance of Shan products over others.
Escalate Shan presences in key international markets.

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Pakistan Property Investment Expo 2019 Canada

The back bone of any country’s economy is its real estate sector and it plays apivotal role in the growth of the country. More than 250 allied industries are directly or indirectly linked to the real estate industry and depend upon the real estate activity in a country for them to thrive, create jobs and play their part in the growth of economy.

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