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Khawar Khaliq

Technical Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Technical Consultant
  • Development and Deployment
  • Server Monitoring & Management
  • Domain and Hosting Management
  • Client Meeting, Handling & Support


  • BS(CS), Karachi University
  • Microsoft Certificate Programming
  • ADSE Aptech Institute of Computer Science

Professional Profile

Khawar brings over 14 years of technical and project management expertise to the table. With a strong background in the software industry, he has collaborated with clients hailing from Pakistan, Australia, Canada, the UK, and Dubai in various capacities, serving as a technical consultant and project lead.

At Xtreme Media, Khaliq leverages his wealth of diverse experiences to ensure the seamless operation of websites, customer portals, mobile apps, and servers. His work ethic is characterized by unwavering dedication, always ready to confront new challenges head-on. As a natural problem solver, he plays a pivotal role in assisting the team with technical issues. Should you encounter any web or server-related challenges, Khaliq is your trusted go-to resource.

Area of Expertise

With a strong professional background, Khaliq boasts expertise in various domains. His proficiency spans project management, where he excels in overseeing and steering projects to success. As a technical consultant, he brings valuable insights to the table, aiding clients with technical challenges and decisions. His capabilities extend to the development and deployment of software solutions, ensuring their seamless integration. Khaliq is also well-versed in server monitoring and management, guaranteeing the smooth operation of critical systems. His skills extend to domain and hosting management, providing a comprehensive approach to web services. Moreover, he has a commendable track record in client meetings, handling, and support, ensuring client satisfaction and success.

Educational Background

Khaliq's educational foundation includes a BS in Computer Science from Karachi University, Microsoft certification in programming, and ADSE Aptech Institute of Computer Science.

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